Do you want

your baby to sleep

well at night while

you form an unbreakable

bond together?

Dad & Baby Massage

Let's discuss the many benefits of why this makes sense

Dads, this is a time-sensitive offer.

Don't miss out - start 2023 in the best way.

Develop a new life skill in just 6 wks!

  • Bonding - without a doubt the most significant benefit of completing this course & I'm speaking from personal experience here
  • Cognitive Development - massage is such a powerful sensory experience it stimulates your baby's brain which in turn helps to develop their fine motor skills in later life

Dad's time is special, make it count.

  • Sleep - a massage after bath time and just before bedtime sets your baby up for a genuinely magical sleep and also lets you show off your new skills to your wife/partner!
  • Weight Gain - "Vagus Nerve" stimulation via massage aids the baby's feeding ability which can contribute to effective weight gain (Vagus Nerve is the system that controls specific body functions such as digestion, heart rate and immune system)
  • Digestion - tummy & foot massages are known to help babies who suffer from reflux, wind, constipation & even colic as it helps to kick-start their underdeveloped digestive tract

Inspire. Develop. Grow. Become.

  • Teething - making little circles close to the ears running down the cheeks and massaging the areas around the mouth to alleviate some of the pain associated with teething. Yes, massage can help with teething!
  • Immunity - massage can truly boost your baby's immune system as it helps to flush out any toxins & drains the lymphatic system which helps protect their tiny bodies (especially during the winter time)

And of course, you will get to meet other Dads at a very similar stage of fatherhood as you.

All these benefits while Mum/partner gets some much-needed time to themselves while knowing

your baby is in safe hands with Dad.

It's a Win/Win as everyone benefits.



Gail is Ireland's leading expert in Baby & Infant massage.

Starting her career 23 years ago, Gail has a passion for working with parents, babies and children.

Gail has pioneered many of her services in Ireland, being one of the first to offer classes and services in the Dublin area, starting the Irish Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage, Baby Massage Ireland and the first to offer Placenta Encapsulation in Dublin as well as Baby and Toddler Yoga.

The Good Dad Academy is absolutely delighted to partner with Gail for this course.

So men...

are you ready to become

the best Dad you can be?